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How the Modern Laundromat Has Changed

They said that the advent of the modern automatic washing machine would spell the end of the old-style laundry. Then again, they also said that video would kill the movies. They were wrong on both counts. Far from becoming a thing of the past, the laundry has come of age. It's no longer the dull, […]

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The Parsonage Kitchen Shutdown Threat

A certain situation has been building in the Parsonage for the last several months. At first, I did not think it too serious but alas, we have reached a terrible impasse. It started a few months ago when I came home, walked into the house and was hit in the face so hard I almost […]

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Arthroscopic ACL Surgery

Arthroscopic ACL surgical treatment is done to repair a partially or completely torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). ACL wounds account for about 40% of all sporting injuries and can lead to long-term pain and instability. There are two types of ACL knee surgery commonly performed depending on the severity of the damage, ACL repair surgery […]

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Never Kiss A Parrot

Beware pets that can become health pests! Because if you give him an unwanted peck, he might give you Psittacosis. Whazzat? That's another way of spelling 'fatal attraction' … And while you're about it, you might as well also watch out for (Ouch!) Pussy's claws, (Scratch, scratch!) Leaping fleas, and (Eeeagh!) Hairy -scary caterpillars … […]

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Fall Is in the Air, And So Is COLOR!

Everywhere you look there are reminders that the season is changing … and fall fashions are joining in with the reminder that its is time to think about heart-warming (and body-warming) colors. Fall fashions are immersed in COLOR! They run the gamut from shades of blue to vibrant reds and gold, deep green, warm brown […]

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