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FAQs About Roofing

What kinds of roofing materials are there? There are many roofing materials that you can use. For example there are: metals, shingles, and wood materials that you can use. Each of this option has its pros and cons and all you need to do is to analyze the pros and cons of each option and […]

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Phonies or Friends

You walk into the office staff lounge and suddenly there is a slight whisper! You start re-playing last night’s dialogue – as you had drinks and gossip hour with one of the women in the staff lounge and she isn’t speaking to you yet. Then it hits you – why do you engage in such […]

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Five Minute Triple Miracle Cure for Busy Women

As modern women, we are so busy: involved in the sacred business of being a contribution to others, raising our children as consciously as we can, working hard in our businesses or at a workplace and running our households, not to mention maintaining cherished relationships and friendships. It can be tricky terrain to navigate. Especially […]

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