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Modern Day Effects of War on Mom

I grew up in a home with a father who read and studied everything he could get his hands on regarding World War II. In addition, he had two brothers who served in the Army during that war. Because of this I learned a few things by reading his books and listening to his stories. […]

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The Right Way To Sell A House Fast

If you are in a market that is flooded with homes and you do not have a lot of people looking to buy you could be tempted to lower the price of your house to stay competitive with others. This is a great idea for how to sell your home quickly but it does not […]

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How to Freeze Dry Food

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to prepare foods for your survival cache. You can learn how to freeze dry food at home using equipment you already have on hand, Don’t get caught up in survival purchases that you don’t need! Related ProductsLoading products..

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For Women Only, The Secrets Rich Men Rarely Tell

The first time I experienced financial success, I did not write the procedure down. As a result when it came time to rebuild in another industry, I had certain business skills, but didn’t have a solid internal procedure. I mean writing the business plan, getting funding, following the business plan to success, because after all […]

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The Empowerment Of Women

The term ’empowered woman’ has its roots in a feminist movement that is no longer really relevant in today’s society. In fact, the term ‘feminist’ rarely comes up in conversations any more. ‘Feminist’ conjures up images of suffragettes, 1940s to 1960s activists and protesters, often wearing men’s trousers and shirts, while fighting for the political […]

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