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What Bugs Expats the Most and Some Tips on How to De-Bug

In an informal sampling of my expat clients around the world, I asked what bugged them the most about being an expat. Here are some of their pet peeves in no particular order, and my suggestions about how to deal with them. 1. Missing folks at home. For those who have close ties with friends […]

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Kitchen Comfort With Sally

Number 59 was my favorite kitchen ever. In the back of a quirky Victorian home in London, it fed every part of my creative being (I just didn’t know it at the time). Because it went down a step or two, and had a separate door, it always felt like I was going into another […]

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Event Planners: Your First Meeting With the Bride

1. What is your vision of a perfect event? Event planners must let go of their person vision. This is not your wedding. If the bride wants to float flowers in the pond, and you hate the idea, it doesn’t matter. She is the bride; she is the client. Your job is to make her […]

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Embodying Your Sexy Feminine Essence

In today’s world, most women are cut off from their sexy feminine essence. They are feeling unhappy, unattractive, unloved, and unfulfilled – because they’re living their lives unaware of their own power. Women are not friends any more with their own body: they have been instructed to hate their natural looks, trying to obtain unrealistic […]

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