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6 Factors Contributing to Monumental Success in Women

What make women successful? Who can they credit? In this article I point out six factors that contribute to monumental success in women. Here they are: 1) Her original family If her parents were educated, chances are they will give their all to their daughter to make her educated and motivate her towards a career […]

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Mapping The Gender Gaps for African Women in Technology

Sustainable Development Goal 5, Target 5.6 (b) is very clear; to enhance the use of enabling technology in particular Information Communication Technology to promote the empowerment of women. From it I derive power to articulate on the possibility of achieving Goal 5 target 5.6 (b) by 2030, 14 years from now. But am thinking if […]

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Is Gender Pay Gap a Myth?

The “$ .77 on the dollar” construct is thrown around frequently, it is usually intended to be illustrative rather than precise. There are plenty of women around me who have graduated from various distinguished universities and are among the smartest, most talented of my friends and family. When we graduate from colleges like IITs, NITs, […]

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